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    Arrival: If you are helping with set-up, as early as noon.
Otherwise, as early as 5 pm on Friday.
    Check-in: Friday 6pm - 9:30pm
Check-in ends when the opening meeting begins
(Be in costume and bring your weapons)
    LATE Check-in: AFTER 10pm (NO check-in 9:30pm-10pm)
(Please knock on the plot center door for late check-in)
    New Player Check-in: Friday 6-8:00 pm (new players - see below)
    New Player Workshop: Friday 8:00pm
  (Be in costume and ready to start the game)
    Opening Meeting: Friday 9:30pm
    Game Play: Friday 10pm - 2am
  Saturday 9am - 2am
  Sunday 9am - 12pm
Note: All times are approximate.
  Preregistered: $75
  At the Door: $85
  Cast: FREE
Meal Plan:
  Player: Through Ye Olde Commons
  Cast: Subsidized by player donation, contact FI staff for price!
Please note: the Updating deadline for this season will be the FRIDAY before the event.
The event dates are listed on our Event Registration / Schedule page
To register to play or cast please visit our Event Registration / Schedule page
We currently accept PayPal for payments made in advance. We do not accept checks. If you need to make a payment from your checking account, please use PayPal.

If you registered no more than two weeks before the event, you can pay at the door; at the door we accept cash ONLY.

Please note we NEVER accept checks.

To register please visit our Event Registration / Schedule page
If you PAY at least two weeks before the event you get to pay the cheaper pre-registration price. If you pay less than two weeks before the event, the at-the-door price applies.

Indacators on the payment page appear as: Pre-Registration Discount APPLIED or Pre-Registration Discount EXPIRED
If the event fills before you register, you can add yourself to the standby list. If space becomes available for you, we will automatically add you to the registration list and email you notification. We use the email address in your profile to notify you, so please keep it up-to-date. You will have two weeks to pay for your registration. If less than two weeks are left before the event, you can pay us at the door (in cash only).
If you are registered for the event, or on the Standby list, you are committed to attend and to pay for the event. You can notify us at least one week before the event (that is the Friday a week before) to have your registration canceled and payment refunded or applied to a future event. If you don't notify us at least one week before the event, you are responsible for the cost of the event. If you were registered and told us you were paying at the door, but fail to give us one week notice you still must pay for the event even if you didn't attend. If you were on the Standby list and got moved to registered and did not tell us you can not attend you must still pay for the event. You will not get points, or have your point cap raised, if you did not actually and physically attend the event. We understand that "life happens" and we will do everything we can to work with you, but you have to give us at least one week notice so we can let someone else who was waiting to get into the event know that they can now attend.

If you can not attend the event or wish to give up on being on Standby please open a HELP Request and let us know. Remember if you are on standby you have commited to us that you will come and must give the same one week notice as if you had already paid.
To make any change to your registration / reservation: Please open a HELP Request for any changes - cabin, meal, change from season pass to individual event, etc.

Registration before the pre-registration deadline now requires payment at the time of registration.

If you register after the pre-reg deadline, you can choose to pay online (PayPal) or at the door (cash only), but either way you will not receive the pre-reg discount. If you intend to pay at the door, choose "Hold My Spot" ("Reserve") registration. In any case, we consider you responsible for the cost of the event unless you cancel.

Please note: One week notice is required for cancellations.

We can either forward your payment to a future event, or issue a refund, just let us know what you prefer.

If the event fills, you will be able to put yourself on the Standby list. If space becomes available we will move you to Reserve status so that you can register for the event. You will receive an email notice (if your email address in your profile is correct and our email isn't being blocked by your email provider). "Reserve" means that there is a spot for you to register, but you have not paid yet. If you get moved to the Reserve list, and you pay before the pre-reg deadline, you will receive the pre-reg deadline. If you pay after the pre-reg deadline, you will not receive the discount. Once you have been moved to Reserve, you will have two weeks to pay, or you will lose your spot. If you are moved to Reserve less than two weeks before the event, you can pay with cash at the door.
Season passes will be available at the same time as registration for the first event. Season passes must be paid for in their entirety, you can't sign up for a season pass and then pay event-by-event. If you want to do that, sign up for individual events instead. We cannot refund payment for a single event if you sign up for a season pass except in extreme circumstances (e.g. you moved to Australia, you permanently joined cast), although payment can be forwarded to a future event if you are unable to attend one of the spring events and give us one week notice.

There will be no Standby list for season passes. If they all sell, please register for individual events instead.

Season passes cost the same as individual events, but are offered for your convenience and you will also receive 3 Bolster Death Sequences with the purchase of a full season pass.
The site keeps three lists of players for each event: "Player", "Reserve", and "Standby".

Player: this means you have registered and paid for the event. You are ready to play. You can cancel any time at least one week before the event.

Standby: this means you would like a spot, but there are currently none available. As soon as a spot opens up, we will move you from the Standby list to the Reserve list. At that point, you have two weeks to pay if you want to keep your spot. You will receive an email when you get moved to Reserve (assuming the email address listed in your profile is correct).

Reserve (aka "Hold My Spot"): this means you have were on Standby and are now able to register, or you are signing up after the pre-reg deadline to pay at the door. If we do not receive payment within two weeks of putting you on Reserve, you will be dropped from the list and lose your spot, and may be required to send a Help request if you want to register for the event again. If you got on the Reserve list less than two weeks from the event, you can pay us at the door. You can cancel any time at least one week before the event; if you wait until that week to cancel, or don't tell us at all and just don't show up, you may be taking a spot that someone else wants, and we will still expect you to pay for the event.
Seven weeks before the event. The dates that registration opens can be seen on the Event Registration / Schedule page.
We are always glad to see new players, and we go out of our way to make sure you get started on the right foot. We ask that you arrive at the game early enough to check in (Friday 6:00-8:30pm). At check-in, you will make a character if you haven't already; receive your character card and one Bolster Death Sequence; and have your weapons checked. Cabin assignments will be posted before check-in, but you can also bring questions about your cabin to check-in. At 8:00 pm, we start a New Player Workshop, during which you'll see some of the important locations in the game (where are the bathrooms...), we'll go over the rules with you, and we'll answer any questions you might have.

For the workshop, you should be in costume and ready to start the game, because at the end of the workshop... you will already be playing! The workshop does not remain in one place, so if you miss the beginning, you may not be able to find it. PLEASE give yourself plenty of time to check-in and move into your cabin BEFORE the workshop.

If you don't expect to be able to get to the game in time for the workshop, let us know by sending a HELP Request and we'll see what we can do.

You can streamline check-in by making your character in advance, on our website. If you haven't already made a profile and logged in to the site, click on Login on the menu, then click on "Create a NEW ID here" just below the Login button. After creation Login to the site and then click on My Character to get started making a character. In order for your character sheet to be printed, you need to make your character by Wednesday before the event. Otherwise, you'll have to write it out at the event (we will help).

We also ask that you take some time to familiarize yourself with our rules. Knowing the rules lets you focus on the important stuff: the roleplaying.

Casting (or NPCing as it has been called) means you play the monsters, villains, good guys, and everyday folk that the Players encounter at FI events. Though being Cast is FREE, we ask that you please register as cast for the event, so we know how many cast we will have, and so we have enough food for everyone. We now allow folks to join the cast and "learn as they go". New Cast will be sent out with Cast Mentors that will teach them how to be the best they can be. Come and give Casting a try to see how you like the fi experience!
For all questions and concerns regarding registration, please open a HELP Request.
This is one of the most common questions we get asked! It is easy for us to give you a list of things you will need to bring along to make your adventuring easier and more fun, but it is impossible for us to cover everything. Through experience you will learn what you need to bring versus what we suggest to bring. We have listed only what we feel might be essential.
  1. Weapons (as shown in our rule book)
  2. Costume (you can't live without it!) Put on your costume beforehand and run back and forth for 5 minutes. Remove anything that gets in the way or falls off. It always seems smart to carry a bunch of belt pouches, but I usually find them in my way. Can you reach your spell packets easily? Etc?
  3. Extra boots, clothing, socks, shoes (please avoid white sneakers.t-shirts, sunglasses and jeans. Bring a lot of extra socks. If they get wet it is miserable. Or bring some baggies to put over your socks before you put them in your boot. That works wonders.
  4. Gloves, thermals, wool socks. Yes you feel warm after all that running, but that is because you are losing heat and so your skin feels warm! :)
  5. Flashlight
  6. First Aid Kit: Ice Pack (ones that do not require freezers), Ace bandages, Band aids, etc. fi will not provide you these things for you.
  7. Food/Snacks: Otherwise you'll starve! Water (not just coke/red bull...that will dehydrate you), pre-made sandwiches in a small cooler, fruit, granola bars, pop tarts, jerky. Anything that...after being beaten up by monsters and falling in the mud...will make you happy. You will never eat as much as you bring. Note: food at the tavern costs IG money, but leave an OOG tip! The ladies pay for it themselves.
  8. Insect Repellent: Bugs, yuck!
  9. Props: To make your cabin look "in game".
  10. Rule Book
  11. Shower Gear: (shampoo, shower shoes, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, towels, etc.)
  12. Sleeping Bag (good for down to zero degrees or lower) & Pillow
  13. Packets: (If you plan on using Genius or want to Brawl.)
  14. Tent: If you plan to sleep outdoors.

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